5 Ways Crowdfunding Benefits Retail Ecommerce

July 8, 2013

The UK’s innovation agency, NESTA, predicts the UK crowdfunding industry to raise £14bn in 2016. That’s a big number considering the global market was expected to reach $6bn in 2013, up from $2.7bn in 2012.

The growth is being driven by an increase in platforms, rapid adoption of crowdfunding as a finance source by businesses and growing consumer awareness.

Crowdfunding is providing the platforms to connect many parties, both individuals and businesses, with the goal of financing projects and ventures.

In my Econsultancy guest blog I look at 5 ways crowdfunding can benefit retail ecommerce.

Thanks, James

James Gurd

James is an experienced ecommerce & digital marketing consultant. He helps B2C and B2B Clients translate brands into sustainable digital channels, using relevant ecommerce techniques to drive acquisition and ensure that retention strategies optimise the investment. He has worked across multi-channel, pureplay and start-ups.

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