Ecommerce Marketing Consultant

How can you improve your ROI?

Every business has an opportunity to improve its internet marketing ROI, whether that’s via cost savings, process improvements or campaign optimisation e.g. increase click rate, improve conversion rate.

As an experienced ecommerce marketing consultant, I can help you:

  • Understand your current strengths & weaknesses.
  • Benchmark your activities and performance against competitors.
  • Identify quick wins to improve ROI.
  • Flag strategic opportunities for investment.
  • Put the right measurement framework in place.
  • Audit analytics tools to fix any data tracking issues.
  • Analyse performance to know what’s really happening.
  • Introduce you to experts who can fine tune your campaigns.

I’m an independent internet marketing consultant and work as part of your team towards shared goals, objectives and KPIs.

Want to learn more about what an ecommerce consultant does? Check out my FAQs.

Through my network of specialist digital marketing professionals & service providers, I will help you plug resource and skills gaps with people who have a track record of delivering results through performance marketing. Below are the key areas I can help with:

  1. SEO site audits with prioritised actions.
  2. Content marketing strategy, planning & implementation.
  3. Paid media strategy & managed service (through partners).
  4. Affiliate marketing strategy & consultancy.
  5. Exit intent strategy & managed service
  6. Basket abandonment remarketing.

Case studies

Exit intent & basket remarketing

Client – Sage.

Service provided – fully managed service including monthly testing & optimisation for 3 years.

Key achievements:

  • RFP to find new service provider to improve capabilities.
  • Smooth transition from old to new provider, conversion rate uplift of 15%.
  • Campaign improvements via A/B testing – up to 80% conversion increase.
  • Successful launch of lead generation campaign for top and middle funnel traffic.
  • Implementation of GA event tracking to validate campaign impact.

SEO content audit

Client – CPA Global

Service provided – search coverage audit to identify content priority topics and keyword gaps.

Key deliverables:

  • Detailed search query analysis using tools including SEMRush, GA, Google Trends and Answerthepublic.
  • Competitor benchmarking to assess SEO presence of top 3 online competitors.
  • Creation of keyword opportunity matrix based on content gaps, market volume and competitor weaknesses.
  • Content topic modelling to consolidate keyword opportunities around relevant content topics.
  • Management report containing prioritised recommendations for action.

FAQ on ecommerce consultancy

What is an ecommerce marketing consultant?

An ecommerce marketing consultant is an independent specialist who helps ecommerce teams to optimise and improve their digital marketing performance by applying good practice principles based on direct experience.

Consultants often specialise in one or more disciplines; for example, technical SEO expertise, or paid media campaign management for search, display and social media.

When selecting an ecommerce marketing consultant, ensure you have a clearly defined project need, goals, objectives and target outcomes. This will help find suitable consultants with skills appropriate to your project.

What does an ecommerce marketing consultant do?

It depends on the consultant’s skill set. Ecommerce consultants can provide different levels of marketing support depending on your business needs, including:

  • Strategy planning: creating a channel marketing plan based on your growth needs.
  • Audits: technical and business capability audits to identify issues & opportunities.
  • Mentoring and training: up-skilling internal teams to improve marketing performance and outputs.
  • Managed services: day-to-day management of specific channels and campaign like paid media.

How much does a marketing consultant cost?

Ecommerce marketing consultants typically charge on a pro-rata day rate basis, but will also work to set project fees when there are clearly defined project deliverables, scope and budget.

The day rate depends on the level of experience and complexity of the project. Below are some examples:

  • Performance marketing strategist – from £500 per day.
  • Copywriter – from £250 per day.
  • SEO consultant for site audits – from £300 per day.

When evaluating the cost of a consultant, consider the benefit of investment as well as the opportunity cost of not delivering the project e.g for an SEO consultant to fix declining traffic and revenue, how much £££ would you lose per month by not fixing the issue?

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