Who am I?

Don’t worry, this isn’t an existential dilemma…

I’m James Gurd, the Owner of Digital Juggler. I’ve been working in ecommerce for >15 years and made the move to run my own business back in 2009 when I realised I could deliver better results working direct with Clients instead of within an agency. I love what I do and hopefully that shows in the satisfaction of my Clients and the results I deliver.

I provide ecommerce advice, support & guidance, working with a network of talented freelancers and independent consultants to help Clients find the right skills to deliver projects on time and to budget. I work as an extension of your team to help you turn ideas into realistic plans (and use my experience to come up with ideas for you).

With a background in online/offline marketing & current strength in developing ecommerce strategies, my key skill set is business development. I know how to translate brands into sustainable digital channels, using relevant ecommerce techniques to drive acquisition and ensure that retention strategies optimise the investment. I have experience with multi-channel, pureplay and start-ups.

My approach to work – work smart, keep it simple

I have a really simple approach to work. I make working with me as easy as possible. By working hard and smart, in partnership, we keep stress at bay and focus on delivery. When there’s a problem, we resolve it calmly to manage the impact.

I work hard to ensure my Clients get value for money. When you spend so many hours at work, it’s essential you get personal and professional satisfaction. I wouldn’t be running Digital Juggler if I didn’t genuinely love what I do. I like to work with people who want to deliver results and do this with minimal fuss or distraction.

Client satisfaction is essential to me – if I let you down, my reputation goes and it’s my reputation that drives Digital Juggler. It really is that simple.

Ecommerce advice & support when you need it

I am a generalist. I don’t specialise in a niche area of ecommerce; instead I have a strong strategic understanding of how all the elements combine to create a beautiful web experience for customers and web owners. If you asked me to code your website, it would end in tears. But ask me to help you manage the touch points for ecommerce across your business and ask the right questions to get things as right as possible before letting new developments loose on the outside world, and I’m your man.

I provide a flexible solution for your business. This could be short-term consultancy to help you get a project up and running, or I can work with you on a longer term basis providing ongoing ecommerce support and taking ownership of specific projects to deliver them on your behalf.

Leadership and management experience

I have strong leadership skills, having managed teams in most of my roles. I have been responsible for setting team strategy, aligning this with commercial goals and then implementing performance management programs and providing support & mentoring to ensure we achieve goals. I’ve been known to help Clients up-skill their Ecommerce Managers to improve team structure and process. That doesn’t mean I know the right way to manage, it means I’ve been there and know the structures you need in place to manage effectively – individuals need to find their own style of managing around that.

I like to contribute to industry thinking

I am proactive, creative & intuitive and always look for ways to improve a business by focussing on excellent customer service and implementing best practise. I am confident leading but also strive to learn as much as possible from everyone around me. That’s why I get involved with industry discussions and shamelessly tap up other experts for their ideas and knowledge.

I have authored several industry best practice guides for Econsultancy, including:

  1. How to run a successful E-commerce ITT
  2. B2B Content Marketing Guide
  3. Paid Search best practice guide
  4. Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Careers Guide
  5. Building An Ecommerce Team
I have also written digital marketing guides for Dave Chaffey at Smart Insights:
  1. Successful SEO Guide – 7 Steps to Success
  2. Landing Page Conversion Guide – 7 Steps to Success
  3. Better Website Results – 7 Steps to Success

Active in the eCommerce industry:

Thanks, James.