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James Gurd, Owner of Digital JugglerReplatforming is complex; no platform is perfect so your challenge is to find a vendor that best aligns with your operational model and an implementation partner with a good cultural fit and track record of delivering on time. My experience leading replatforming projects for brands including Dr. Barbara Sturm, RSPB, Victoria Beckham, Zoggs and The Wine Society will help you get results.

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Digital Juggler’s ecommerce replatforming service includes:

  1. Replatforming consultancy advice and guidance
  2. Ecommerce platform selection
  3. Agency partner RFP
  4. Ecommerce Discovery phase planning & delivery
  5. Platform implementation project management

Book a fast track 1hr consultation for independent advice and guidance. You can use this hour to answer specific questions or get practical advice for your project, including insights on ecommerce platforms from real-world projects.

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This ecommerce replatforming service is modular, so you can choose one or more services depending on your specific needs and existing project resources. I will work to compliment your existing team’s capabilities and plug knowledge gaps.

How it works:

  1. I work with your project team and guide them through my proven process.
  2. My knowledge of the ecommerce platform & SI market ensures we only review relevant platforms – saves time & cost!
  3. Use my network of technical specialists to help provide insights to your IT team.
  4. Use my vendor/SI contacts to accelerate the process & get the right people in the room.
  5. Apply my Project Initiation framework to deliver high quality detailed requirements.
  6. Use my project experience to help implement your solution to the highest possible digital standards.

Platform migration is challenging but with my proven methodology you can avoid common pitfalls and ensure your business takes a structured approach, ensuring risk is sensibly managed.

Client portfolio

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Proven process

Replatforming is resource intensive and can be costly, so it’s essential you’re moving for the right reasons, not just because you’re not using the current platform effectively.

I will help you define the business & technology drivers for the project and establish success criteria for your ecommerce replatforming project:

  • Business goals & needs: what’s driving the project & why?
  • Business principles: what’s the role of tech in your business & which parts do you want/need to own?
  • Situation analysis (SWOT): how well are you currently doing & what are the issues/opportunities?
  • Functional requirements: what’s in/out of scope and what’s MVP for the first phase?
  • TCO cost model: how much are you spending per annum now and what can you afford?
  • Resources: what is a realistic operational model for the project & is there a fixed deadline?

Before looking at the market, we’ll define goals, objectives and KPIs so the project can be measured against realistic success criteria.

Over the past 16 years I have delivered many high profile ecommerce platform projects:

  • Client side – as Head of Ecommerce in retail, I had commercial/financial responsibility for two replatform projects for Microsoft Commerce and IBM Websphere.
  • Agency side – as an ecommerce consultant I helped Client teams shape their platform requirements & guided them through implementation.
  • Independent consultant – at Digital Juggler I’ve helped Clients including RHS, RSPB and Victoria Beckham scope requirements, produce documentation and project manage the vendor and agency partner selection process.

I know what it takes to make a project work. I know the trials and tribulations of this detailed process and my knowledge will help improve your project delivery.

Expert resources

One of the advantages of working with Digital Juggler is access to my network of ecommerce specialists. It’s such a fast moving market with existing vendors updating their platform capabilities and new vendors entering with alternative solutions, that you need experts who can help you focus on the solutions most relevant to your business needs.

I work closely with technology experts to ensure the most relevant (and latest) knowledge is used to help select suitable tools.

This means getting dirty with ecommerce buzzwords like “headless”, “decoupled”, “PWA” and “SPA” to understand the relevance to your business.

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