Your Guide to Ecommerce Replatforming

Video Master Class Series

What’s the best ecommerce platform for your business?

In this 10 part video series, you’ll get practical advice + insights on how to structure and run an enterprise ecommerce replatforming project to help you make smarter decisions for you and your business, covering vendor technology platform and the systems integrator/partner selection RFP.

It’s relevant for any size business; the principles and insights can be applied to any scale or budget. I’ve personally applied these principles to online businesses with less than £1m annual turnover up to £400m plus. To select the best ecommerce platform for your business, you need to apply smart project management.

Who's this for?

 Anybody committed to, or planning for, website replatforming/platform migration, especially the following roles:

1. Project sponsor: C-suite, Directors of Digital, Ecommerce and Multi- Channel
2. Project owner: senior management e.g. Head of Ecommerce, Digital Manager
3. Project stakeholder: subject matter experts e.g. SEO Manager, Merchandising Executive
4. Project Manager: contract or FT in-house PM responsible for setting up the project office
5. Agencies: Client account Director or Manager responsible for delivering a replatform project.

My project experience

With more than 15 years of ecommerce experience and direct insights from a wide range of replatform projects across platforms including Demandware (now Salesforce Commerce Cloud), Hybris, Intershop, IBM Websphere and Magento, I’ll help you discover the art and science of project managing your ecommerce replatform.

Clients include:
House of Fraser (Demandware > Hybris)
RSPB (Magento > Intershop)
Victoria Beckham (Magento > tbc).

Video series

Part one – Platform vendor + SI partner selection

I’ve broken down the ecommerce platform and partner selection project process into 10 take-away modules, so you can watch the most relevant content when you most need it. Each module is 3-4 minutes long, packed with advice and tips from real-life projects and gives you essential take-away learning for free.

  1. Project set-up and governance
  2. Project budget and scope
  3. Project management essentials
  4. Business requirements capture
  5. Platform selection
  6. Building a TCO (total cost of ownership) financial model
  7. Platform due diligence
  8. Partner selection RFP
  9. Partner due diligence
  10. Common risks and how to mitigate

Want to watch the full playlist in one go? Cure your insomnia here.

Download my detailed replatforming checklist

Get your free copy of my comprehensive 26-page project delivery checklist. The perfect companion to the video series, this pdf provides a step-by-step checklist to help improve the quality of your replatforming project.

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Part two – Project Discovery planning + delivery

New – a video series explaining good practice for running a comprehensive ecommerce Discovery phase once you’ve selected your vendor and SI partner. The videos cover:

  1. Understanding the importance of an ecommerce Discovery phase.
  2. Effective planning for ecommerce Discovery.
  3. Making Discovery workshops amazingly productive.
  4. Defining, documenting and prioritising functional requirements.
  5. Finalising the Discovery phase: sign-off of functional requirements.

Knowledge from experience

Rachel Jones, Ecommerce Director, Victoria Beckham“The structure and rigour that James brought from the outset was invaluable, and gave me complete confidence that no stone would be left unturned throughout the complex process. James provided thorough written documentation every step of the way and always delivered in a very timely manner.”
Rachel JonesEcommerce Director, Victoria Beckham

Ecommerce Replatforming Intro

James Gurd of Digital Juggler explains 6 business critical reasons why ecommerce teams must put the right level of detail, effort and investment into planning their replatforming projects.

Video transcript

Hello, and welcome to the Digital Juggler video series on how to run a successful ecommerce replatform project. This is broken down into 10 practical, insightful videos that walk you through the project management process, helping you through vendor selection and SI partner selection.

Just a quick intro to set the scene, there are six key reasons why I think it’s important that businesses put the right time, and effort, and resource into these projects to get the right output. So first of all, platform investment is a major investment for business. Whether you’re a small business starting out on your ecommerce journey or an existing £100 million plus retailer, there’s a lot of money spent investing in the platform, not just the technology, but all of the operational requirements that go around implementing a new platform. So it’s critical to get value for money.

Secondly, the platform has to support your operational needs. That means it needs to align with business strategy, goals, business processes and internal capabilities. Therefore, you have to sit and think about which technology platform solution is going to best align with your business.

Third, the project’s got to be affordable, so that doesn’t just mean upfront costs of development, and then the basic support maintenance. It means what happens to your OpEx and CapEx costs over the lifetime of that platform, three to five years down the line, as you grow. How do those costs scale? How affordable is it? What percentage of your overall revenue is the platform going to cost?

Fourth, there is risk. Whenever there is technology and people, there is risk. Therefore, you need to understand what those risks are, carefully define them and put a mitigation plan in place to do that. That requires close attention, and someone who is experienced in risk management.

Fifth, it’s an incredibly complex project. Ecommerce platforms have huge amounts of capability in them, and how each platform does each capability varies considerably. Good example is catalogue management and the way that product data is taken from back end systems and put into product master, how product data be configured, and how flexible the solutions are in terms of allowing you to put the data in how you want to do it, and configure the project in a way that’s best for your market and your customers.

Therefore, with this level of complexity, it’s critical to have very smart project management in order to ensure the project is scoped, properly defined, and that throughout the project, the project management is adhered to and that the scope is borne in mind when decisions are made in terms of prioritisation.

Last, by no means least, failing to put the right resource, team structure and investment upfront is actually a false economy. If you don’t put the right time and effort now, you can actually compromise project decisions and end up spending a lot of money later on rectifying poor decision making.

A great example is technical SEO; not making smart decisions for information architecture now can cost a lot of money retrospectively to fix.
So those are the six key reasons why your business needs to take this type of project seriously. I hope that you find my video series interesting. It walks you through all of the elements of running a successful RFP, from going to market to look at vendors after defining your business requirements, through to project management, SI partner selection and ongoing due diligence.

I’ve got a lovely Blue Peter style contact card, so if anybody has any questions, then please do get in touch. I’d love to hear from you and be happy to help.


Want to learn more?

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