Training Best Internet Show

Ecommerce training modules

  • Managing teams – how to get the right structure and focus to deliver results.
  • Agency selection and managing external agencies.
  • How to plan & manage an RFP or ITT proposal (I wrote the Econsultancy best practice guide “How to run a successful E-commerce ITT”).
  • Digital marketing overview – understanding the different mediums and how they work together.
  • Merchandising strategies for ecommerce – the art of selling online
  • Customer Experience (CX) frameworks for ecommerce – applying customer centric models to improve your UX
  • Exit intent and remarketing – how to minimise funnel leakage on your website to maximise conversion/goal completion.
  • SEO – understanding what SEO is + using a framework to plan and implement an SEO strategy.
  • SEO specific tactics – including technical optimisation, keyword research, on-page optimisation, link building, social media, content marketing etc.
  • Paid search – understanding what PPC is and how it works + how SEO and paid search work together.
  • Email marketing – building an email strategy, campaign good practice, campaign reporting etc.
  • Affiliate marketing – understanding what affiliate marketing is, how it works, tips and techniques to get the best results.
  • Social media – understanding the relevance of social media, building a SM strategy, review of key networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc)
  • Social media advertising – how to take advantage of social media selling tools
  • Google analytics – understanding how it works, how to use reports, how to customise, how to interpret data etc.
  • Setting KPIs and benchmarking performance – knowing which KPIs to use for each marketing channel + overall e-commerce performance.
  • Content marketing – understanding the relevance and how to create a content marketing plan.

Thanks, James.