Ecommerce Video Consultations

James Gurd, Owner of Digital JugglerGet your questions answered on a personalised video consultation or focused workshop. With more than 16 years’ ecommerce experience, James provides practical advice based on experience working with ecommerce businesses of all sizes. Video consultations are tailored to your specific needs and you can book a one-off session or set up a series of consultations for more complex challenges and ongoing support.


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Popular uses

Below are some of the ways I’ve helped my Clients during video consultations and workshops:

  • Evaluation of their current ecommerce strategy
  • How to plan for a replatforming project
  • Advice on 3rd party technology for specific business needs
  • Discuss project resourcing and team structures
  • Independent advice on the pros and cons of key platforms
  • Problem solving specific scenarios e.g. on-site search performance

To ensure you get value for money and a sense of satisfaction from each engagement, together we’ll:

  • Jump on a discovery call to discuss the best way to use the time
  • Set clear goals, objectives and target outcomes
  • Ensure anyone attending is well briefed and ready to contribute
  • Capture notes and circulate important take-away learning
Ecommerce workshop key selling points