Search engine optimisation is a much over-used and often misunderstood term. It is neither the holy grail nor a dark art but if approached intelligently can help you to increase the exposure of your webpages in search engines results pages (SERPs) and teach you a bit about what customers want and how you can do more to keep them coming back.

Each SEO project is unique, though the disciplines used to optimise a website and build marketing campaigns that deliver results are broadly the same each time.

As a UK SEO consultant I have more than 10 years’ experience of planning, implementing and measuring search engine marketing. Here’s a list of the most common services I provide to e-commerce teams:

  • SEO audit – audit of your current structure for SEO & competitors (essential learning).
  • Develop and document an SEO strategy and tactical execution plan – either to help you deliver or hand over to internal teams.
  • SEO consultancy – working with you on a regular basis to ensure your SEO efforts are getting their just rewards.
  • SEO technical audit – assessing how well structured your website is to support current & future SEO requirements.
  • SEO training & workshops – getting your people up to speed on the basics and disciplines of SEO & understanding where the future lies in relation to expected evolution of search ranking signals.
  • Link building – stand alone or integrated with your wider SEO plan, using both traditional techniques and social media seeding.
  • Content marketing – identifying content opportunities and planning, writing and maintaining high impact, relevant content.
  • SEO reporting – creating dashboards & business reporting templates.
  • SEO analysis – deep dive into the analytics data to interpret what is happening and provide insight to help improve SEO performance and KPIs.

I have a wide network of specialist freelance SEO wonderkids who I bring in to support your project to ensure you get the best skills possible to satisfy your unique needs. This can really help you manage cost whilst ensuring the highest standards of delivery.

Social media dovetails closely with SEO and I can also help you understand the inter-dependencies and ensure both communication channels are planned effectively together.

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