SEO Page Title + Meta Description Testing

September 10, 2013

I’ll show how to improve page titles and meta descriptions to increase traffic from natural search. This type of testing should be an integral part of any optimisation program and these two elements are often overlooked.

The words that people see on search engines results pages (SERPs) influences their click decision. The more persuasive the copy and the closer it appeals to the needs of the searcher, the greater the propensity to click. Google rewards pages which have a higher relative click through rate since this is a positive relevance signal. Furthermore, the title is a well-known search ranking factor as one of the key relevance signals to Google related to each page.

In my Smart Insights guest blog I provide advice and guidance on testing for SEO.

Thanks, James


James Gurd

James is an experienced ecommerce & digital marketing consultant. He helps B2C and B2B Clients translate brands into sustainable digital channels, using relevant ecommerce techniques to drive acquisition and ensure that retention strategies optimise the investment. He has worked across multi-channel, pureplay and start-ups.

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