Here you can find quick links to the guest blogs I write for Dave Chaffey and the Smart Insights team:

SEO Series


this series looks at the key techniques you need to master in order to get to grips with the basics of SEO and improve the optimisation of your webpages and content.

Part 1 – Using web analytics to benchmark SEO performance

Part 2 – Competitor analysis for SEO

Part 3 – Using the Google toolkit to identify performing keywords

Part 4 – Targeting the full tail of search

Part 5 – SEO testing for page titles and meta descriptions

Part 6 – Weeding out poor performing keywords

Part 7 – The role of landing page optimisation & testing in SEO

Part 8 – How to identify high quality linking domains for SEO

Part 9 – The increasing role of social media signals within SEO

Part 10 – Using content marketing to support SEO.

Part 11 – Using voice-of-customer data to drive SEO insight.

Part 12 – SEO planning and analysis.

Please join in the discussion and share your thoughts and opinions. We would welcome your contribution.

General ecommerce & website optimisation


These are blogs that I write providing advice and guidance on a range of website optimisation topics.

Landing page optimisation and CTAs

Examples of effective landing pages for ecommerce

About Smart Insights

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