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Digital Juggler is a London-based UK ecommerce consultancy working for leading B2C & B2B brands

Hi, I’m James Gurd, Owner and Lead Consultant at Digital Juggler. I’m an ecommerce consultant with experience in developing & implementing ecommerce strategies, helping clients deliver results by applying ecommerce good practice to their organisation.

I have experience with multi-channel, pureplay and start-ups and have a wide network of specialist freelancers and consultants to ensure I bring the highest quality project team together based on your unique needs. Call me today on 07794 539 399 to find out what I can do for you.

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Digital Juggler is an ecommerce consultancy dedicated
to delivering value

James Gurd

James is an experienced ecommerce & digital marketing consultant. He helps B2C and B2B Clients translate brands into sustainable digital channels, using relevant ecommerce techniques to drive acquisition and ensure that retention strategies optimise the investment. He has worked across multi-channel, pureplay and start-ups.

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