About Us

Digital Juggler is an independent ecommerce consultancy based in London, UK. It is owned by James Gurd, an experienced ecommerce specialist, who is the lead consultant for all projects.

Digital Juggler was founded in 2009 and registered in 2011 in England and Wales under company number 07847746.

James Gurd

James is an ecommerce strategy and replatforming consultant with more than 16 years’ experience working with B2C and B2B brands including House of Fraser, Mars, Samsung, The Wine Society, Victoria Beckham, RSPB and Dr. Barbara Sturm. He helps organisations deliver ecommerce growth based on realistic plans and budgets.

You can view James’ full ecommerce background and skills on his LinkedIn profile and visit our hub pages to find out more about ecommerce consultancy.

Our values

We believe that consultancy is about partnership, not just delivering projects. We work with partners where there is a good cultural fit, to ensure that we can work effectively as part of their team. Enjoying work is essential because it helps deliver more positive outcomes.

Our core values are:

  • Collaboration – working together to help your team improve skills and deliver success
  • Integrity – delivering work to the highest possible standard with the available resources, focused on adding value
  • Transparency – being open and honest, clear on what’s happening, what works and what needs to improve
  • Respect – treating your team and business like our own, inspiring each stakeholder to contribute positively

We support a range of charities and not-for-profits because we feel strongly about giving something back whenever we can.

Having worked with James for over 18 months, primarily on building out and optimising our remarketing strategy, I couldn’t recommend his services enough. He works fast and delivers results.

Jonathan Cummins, Ecommerce Project Manager, Sage
Jonathan Cummins
Ecommerce Project Manager, Sage

Ecommerce replatforming service

James has delivered many projects guiding organisations through the complexities of a new platform build or replatforming project, as a technology/solution agnostic independent consultant. All projects involve a detailed assessment of platform technology based on prioritised business requirements and evaluation of which platforms fit best with your operational model and internal capabilities.

He has hands-on experience of replatforming as Head of Ecommerce, with commercial ownership of site migrations, as well as having supported multiple brands acting as the lead consultant to upskill their ecommerce teams and provide a clear project structure and governance.

Key replatforming services include:

Re:platform podcast

In November 2019, James launched the Re:platform podcast with fellow consultant Paul Rogers.

Re:platform provides weekly audio podcasts and video masterclasses. It features interviews with industry thought leaders and practical advice on improving end-to-end customer experience, helping ecommerce businesses discover how to make better technology decisions.

The podcast provides the answers to help you get the most from your platform and technology stack. Each episode will help you understand the ecommerce tech landscape, plan for revenue growth and deliver performance improvements.

It’s available on all popular channels including Spotify, Apple + via RSS.

For complimentary bite size video lessons on improving your website performance, head over to Re:platform TV.

EcomChat networking group

James is co-founder of the popular #EcomChat that runs every Monday at 1pm on Twitter.

Through EcomChat you can connect with more than 3,450 digital professionals worldwide and exchange knowledge, experiences, thoughts and opinions on all things ecommerce. People of all levels and interests are welcome, whether contributing or simply listening.

You can find our more information at ecomchat.com.