Ecommerce Page Types

Downloadable Fact Sheets

What is the purpose of key ecommerce pages like the homepage?

When running ecommerce projects, we often get asked this question by people in other areas of the business who aren’t ecommerce natives. It usually comes up during design phases, when people are asked to input on decisions without really knowing what they should be looking for and how to objectively evaluate proposed designs.

Our downloadable fact sheets are designed to help people who aren’t ecommerce specialists to better understand the key page types on a typical ecommerce website and make a great reference guide.

What’s included in each fact sheet:

  • Summary of what the page is for
  • A URL link to an example page on a retail ecommerce site
  • A screenshot showing a real world example
  • Primary purposes of the page
  • Top 10 ecommerce requirements for good practice design & functionality

Page types included:

  1. Site header
  2. Site footer
  3. Homepage
  4. Campaign landing page (CLP)
  5. Product list page (PLP)
  6. Product details page (PDP)
  7. Collection page
  8. Search results page (SRP)
  9. Shopping basket

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