Supporting Charities & Good Causes

As the Owner and Director, it’s important for my business to support charitable causes and not-for-profit organisations whenever possible. In the words of Noah and The Whale, “if you give a little love, you can get a little love of your own”.

Through Digital Juggler I support causes that are close to my heart. Currently I donate to the following organisations, either through fundraising or direct donation from the business:

Manna Foodbank

In 2019, approximately 1.6 million people used a foodbank in the United Kingdom, around 250 thousand more than the previous year. Everyone should have access to regular, healthy meals. I’ve been donating to Manna since 2017 and would love to see a world in which foodbanks aren’t required because food poverty has been eradicated.


I’ve been a supporter of ActionAid for >20 years. I personally think that their approach to international aid is positive – they don’t just give money, they actively work with local people and community organisations to inject funds into the most useful projects. Their goal is to bring an end to global poverty and that to me is a wonderful aim.


Avaaz is a tireless campaigner for human rights issues globally. They have grown rapidly to an active base of more than 40,000 campaigners. They are a powerful and important voice to challenge Governments around the world to protect the interests of people who might otherwise be left behind.


The NSPCC is one of the most well known UK charities. It serves to protect the interests of children, often the most vulnerable in society.


Not the wrestling association but the World Wildlife Foundation. Through this I adopted an animal, helping provide funds for the essential work the WWF does in animal protection and conservation.

The Rosemary Foundation

I turned to cancer related causes due to losses in our family. It seems that nowadays most people have been affected directly or indirectly by cancer. It’s important that local hospices like The Rosemary Foundation are given as much support as possible – they provide late stage cancer patients with wonderful support and palliative care, helping them spend their last weeks/months in dignity, from the comfort of their own home wherever possible.