Ecommerce Training

Digital Juggler offers ecommerce training packages to help business owners improve in-house skills so that they can take greater control of ecommerce and digital marketing.

James Gurd has written and run Ecommerce Strategy and Online Merchandising public training courses for Econsultancy for 5 years. He has also created bespoke training courses for NBrown Group, Samsung, Colgate, Mars and Allianz.

Benefit from our detailed library of ecommerce knowledge, best practice learning, case studies and useful stats, which can be used to provide ‘out the box’ training packages.

Training services include:

  1. 1hr and 2hr practical skills lessons via online video consultations
  2. Half-day and full-day workshops for one or more people
  3. Regular training sessions to upskill ecommerce teams

Fast Track

Accelerate your personal or team skills with active learning programs focused on specific ecommerce topics and capabilities.

Training Best Internet Show

James delivered the workshop brilliantly. Many aspects of ecommerce were explored at just the right level, with the chance to delve deeper and learn from James’ vast experience. Would highly recommend to others looking to improve skills.

Joy Young, Ecommerce Merchandiser, Amara Living

What’s the best ecommerce training course?

The best ecommerce training courses are shaped to your specific business and personal needs. Ecommerce training should:

  • Take place in a comfortable environment, so you are relaxed.
  • Enhance your existing ecommerce knowledge.
  • Help you understand how to apply new learning to your business.
  • Align with relevant industry good practice standards.
  • Educate you on how other organisations function and what works for them.
  • Use case study material to provide practical examples.
  • Ideally use interactive exercises to let you apply key learning to real-word scenarios.

Below is a list of topics for which I can deliver public or in-house training, either directly or via my network of associate trainers, from novice level up to more advanced.

For more information on any of these, or if your area of interest is not covered, please get in touch and let me know exactly what you are looking for.


  • Digital strategy – understanding your business, markets, customers & competitors to align your investment and digital focus
  • Ecommerce replatforming – how to plan & manage a vendor and SI partner selection project
  • Managing internal & external teams – how to get the right structure and focus to deliver results, agency selection and managing external agencies
  • Digital marketing essentials – understanding the different channels and how they work together
  • Customer Experience (CX) – applying customer centric models to improve your UX
  • Measurement frameworks – knowing which KPIs to use for each marketing channel + overall ecommerce performance

Execution & trading

  • Merchandising strategies for ecommerce – the art of selling online
  • Exit intent and remarketing – how to minimise funnel leakage on your website to maximise conversion/goal completion
  • SEO – understanding what SEO is + using a framework to plan and implement an SEO strategy, SEO specific tactics e.g. technical optimisation, keyword research, content marketing etc.
  • Email & lifecycle marketing – building an email strategy, campaign good practice, campaign reporting etc.
  • Affiliate marketing – understanding what affiliate marketing is, how it works, tips and techniques to get the best results
  • Content marketing – understanding the relevance and how to create a content marketing plan

Discover how our ecommerce training has helped other organisations

James has supported our Digital learning program to explain the importance of ecommerce and the digital shelf and upskill internal departments, with practical steps for improvement. James engages the audience through fantastic case studies, visuals and real life practical examples. I would thoroughly recommend James.

Simon Swan, Head of Digital & Ecommerce, Perrigo

Digital Juggler created a “fast track to omnichannel retailing” training program. Everyone found James engaging and knowledgeable. James ran 8 x 2 day sessions for over 100 Samsung employees and received great feedback – attendees marked the quality of the course and training 4.7 out of 5. A big thanks from Samsung.

Nick White, Online Director, Samsung

James was really flexible in his attitude and design of the learning we wanted to create. He brought the expert knowledge that we were seeking in digital and created a learning program that can be used in many different ways.

Emer Brady, Global Learning Director, Mars