Ecommerce Strategy

We help SMEs and DTC brands define a coherent vision and ecommerce roadmap, underpinned by realistic goals and clear resourcing.

Digital Juggler has helped C-suites including Tom Dixon and The Wine Society set a clear direction for their ecommerce business, with a structured plan for delivery.

Working in partnership with your ecommerce team, we’ll combine our ecommerce strategy consultant experience with your team’s skills to define a strategy the whole business can buy-in to.

We provide three core services:

  • Project set-up & management
  • Strategy planning, implementation and roadmapping
  • Ecommerce team mentoring and upskilling
  • “Digital Juggler’s approach was structured, thorough & proactive. They did a great job of getting under the skin of the organisation and our customers and worked collaboratively with a cross-functional internal team to guide our strategic thinking”

    Nicky Glennon, Head of Web Trading, The Wine Society
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    There are three key questions that we help our clients answer:

    1. What do your customers need, and what will encourage them to convert and spend more?
    2. What resources do you need to enable growth, and where are your skill gaps?
    3. Can you achieve this with existing tech or do you need to invest in new tools to increase capability?

    Let us help you map your digital future, assess your market and create a realistic project plan, then work with you to implement and measure results with a proven process.


    We use a proprietary ecommerce strategy model, tried and tested on projects including Tom Dixon and The Wine Society. It ensures we apply a structured approach to defining your ecommerce strategy, backed up with evidence and based on clear rationale.

    Digital Juggler’s ecommerce strategy model

    Context layer

    • Detailed market and business analysis (including customer and analytics data)
    • Application of relevant trends to your business model and customer set
    • Filter out data we can’t act on & identify data and knowledge gaps to plug
    • Audit of key online and omnichannel competitors
    • Evaluation of routes to market and assessment of current channel strategy

    Strategy layer

    • Creation of your ecommerce strategy
    • Prioritised set of activities to deliver ecommerce growth
    • Roadmap plotting implementation plan for all work streams
    • Presentation to the leadership team for approval and sign-off

    Operational layer

    • Operational resourcing plan aligned with growth targets
    • Identification of people required to implement each work stream
    • Business case for resource investment based on KPI improvements & cost savings
    • On-boarding of other business teams and stakeholders to ensure alignment with the strategy

    Financial layer

    • Detailed business cases for key work streams
    • Realistic cost models
    • Budgeting and reforecasting

    Analysis layer

    • Measurement framework and performance benchmarking
    • Implementing a test & learn methodology
    • Piloting, learning & adapting based on results

    The model is iterative because your strategy has to evolve. The analysis layer creates a continuous feedback loop, with the strategy updated when required based on results and changes in the market.


    Looking to upskill your existing team so they can take ownership of the ecommerce strategy? Look no further! Owner James Gurd is an experienced ecommerce mentor, helping ecommerce managers at various stages of their careers to boost their own knowledge, accelerating their digital skills and confidence.

    • Guidance on planning for and delivering a strategy project
    • Support preparing documentation and presenting to the leadership team
    • Providing ongoing ecommerce strategy consultancy, support and advice

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