Replatforming Consultant

With more than 16 years’ ecommerce experience, Digital Juggler will help you get your replatforming project planning and delivery right. An experienced ecommerce replatforming consultant, James provides bespoke consultancy sessions and retained services. Your engagement will be tailored to your specific business needs and will have a clear goal and objectives.

Fast track 1hr consultations are a popular starting point. Our Clients have used these to:

  • Evaluate their current ecommerce strategy
  • Review key issues & discuss potential solutions
  • Get advice on 3rd party technology for specific business needs
  • Learn how to structure a replatforming project
  • Discuss how to resource a project and what roles are required
  • Get independent advice on the pros and cons of key platforms

Digital Juggler Client James WHite
“Digital Juggler played a critical role in our ecommerce replatforming project and expedited decision-making. James adopted a seamless and methodical approach to help us find the best solution for our company.”

James White
Head of Global Ecommerce, Dr Barbara Sturm

Why work with a replatforming consultant?

Few ecommerce teams have replatforming project experience, or the senior ecommerce stakeholder doesn’t have sufficient bandwidth to run a project due to their day-to-day operational demands. An ecommerce replatforming consultant ensures the right quality of project control and discipline is applied from the start and compliments your existing team, plugging skills and resource gaps.

Questions we can help you answer

To give you a flavour of some of the challenges Digital Juggler has helped other organisations solve, below are the 10 most common replatforming questions ecommerce teams ask us:

  1. We want to replatform but haven’t done it before, where do we start?
  2. Which platform is best for my company?
  3. How do we make sure we’ve properly understood our requirements?
  4. Shopify and SaaS is popular now, should we just move to Shopify?
  5. Does our choice of platform really matter, they all seem to be able to do what we need?
  6. What’s a sensible budget for our project?
  7. What does good project management look like?
  8. How do we evaluate vendors and agencies objectively?
  9. Which stakeholders need to be involved, why and how?
  10. How do we ensure we stick to our budget and deadline?

Sound familiar?

All these and more can be answered using a structured approach to replatforming. Digital Juggler has delivered replatforming consultancy for a wide range of organisations, both large and small, and is widely respected in the ecommerce industry as a replatforming specialist with a track record of success.

Contact James today to discuss your project, or simply to ask for advice. The portfolio below demonstrates James’ breadth of experience in replatforming consultancy; you can also read project case studies for more information.

Like the idea but not sure about the investment?

Not a problem. We can agree an initial small one-off consultancy session with a simple goal, letting you evaluate the Digital Juggler replatforming consultancy service. You don’t need to commit to a retained service unless it’s what your project really needs and if we can answer all your questions in one session, that’s a result!

The structure and rigour that James brought from the outset was invaluable, and gave me complete confidence that no stone would be left unturned throughout the complex process. He worked effectively with stakeholders at all levels.

Rachel Jones, Ecommerce Director, Victoria Beckham

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James has given invaluable advice, support and led and delivered a number of digital and ecommerce projects for companies I have worked for. He has a strong network of experts, provides a practical, hands-on approach and goes the extra mile to deliver success.

Liz Brown, Ecommerce Manager, RSPB

Digital Juggler played a critical role in our replatforming project and expedited decision-making significantly. James adopted a methodical and seamless approach to enable us to find the best solution for our brand, alleviating the stress and complexity of platform selection. He was popular with the team, it felt like he was part of the company.

James White, Global Head of Ecommerce, Dr. Barbara Sturm

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