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Ecommerce platform migration is a serious investment. You need to commit time and money to ensure that your solution is functionally sound, operationally viable and scalable to deliver growth plans. You also need a compelling reason to move; ecommerce migration is complex and can be costly, so it’s essential you’re moving for the right reasons, not just because you’re not using the current platform effectively.

Make sure you understand the process for scoping an ecommerce replatforming project:

  • Business goals & needs: what’s driving the project?
  • Business principles: what’s the role of tech in your business & which parts do you want/need to own?
  • Situation analysis (SWOT): how well are you currently doing & what are the issues/opportunities?
  • Functional requirements: what’s in/out of scope and what’s MVP for the first phase?
  • TCO cost model: how much are you spending per annum now and how will this scale as you grow?
  • Resources: what is a realistic investment to run the project & what’s the timeframe?

Before looking at the market, ensure you have a clearly defined project that can be quantified and measured against realistic success criteria.

Invest in your project

A lack of attention and detail in the planning will result in your platform failing to satisfy business needs, which has the following impact:

  • Puts unnecessary stress on your team
  • Costs you more in the long term as you have to pay for dev time to fix issues
  • Creates operational inefficiency because the platform isn’t aligned with business needs.

Don’t compromise on quality; commit sufficient resource and get Board level sponsorship to make sure your website migration project is effectively supported throughout its lifecycle.

I have a proven methodology and framework to help you get this right. My skills can help you ask the right questions and get the right focus. I’m also on your side – I want your project to be a huge success, so my energy will help motivate your team.

Benefit from my proven methodology

Ecommerce teams often struggle to know how to structure and plan an ecommerce migration project.

That’s where I come in. I follow a proven methodology to ensure the replatforming project is shaped to your unique requirements:

  1. Business planning – agree goals & objectives, define the project team, agree project management structure & process, roles & responsibilities, governance.
  2. Top-level project plan – defines milestones, dependencies and review cycles.
  3. Phase 1 scoping – meet internal teams & external stakeholders, identify business critical needs and functional requirements for the platform.
  4. RFI documentation – translate scoping work into a document outlining key requirements.
  5. Internal documentation review – review RFI with project team, amend as required.
  6. Go to market phase 1 – filter vendors based on operational capability, functional needs and budget; invite a pool of relevant vendors to respond to high-level requirements brief and run supplier presentations & scoring.
  7. Platform shortlisting – project team reviews solution match and refines list to max of 2-3 potential partners.
  8. Go to market phase 2 – invite shortlist candidates into detailed solution presentation & demo; evaluation of each vendor with weighted scoring matrix.
  9. Due diligence – preferred vendor is selected and reviewed in detail.
  10. Contract negotiation – ensure contracts support ecommerce team with relevant SLAs.

Experience and quality delivery

Mike Burnett, Ecommerce Director“James helped me with our vendor selection process for a new ecommerce platform. From start to finish he offered sound advice & demonstrated great market knowledge.”
Mike BurnettEcommerce Director, Linley London



Over the past 15 years I have delivered many high profile ecommerce platform projects:

  • Client side – as Head of Ecommerce in retail, I had commercial/financial responsibility for two replatform projects for Microsoft Commerce and IBM Websphere.
  • Agency side – as ecommerce consultant at EIBdigital, I helped Client teams shape their platform requirements.
  • Independent consultant – at Digital Juggler I have helped Clients like Sweaty Betty and Victoria Beckham scope their ecommerce requirements, write high quality documentation and project manage the vendor and agency partner selection process.

I know what it takes to make a project work. I know the trials and tribulations of this detailed process and my knowledge will help improve your project delivery.

For further validation of my credentials, please read the industry best practice report I wrote for Econsultancy in 2011: “How to run a successful e-commerce ITT“.

Helping you select the best vendors

One of the advantages of working with Digital Juggler is access to my network of ecommerce specialists. It’s such a fast moving market with existing vendors updating their platform capabilities and new vendors entering with alternative solutions, that you need experts who can help you focus on the solutions most relevant to your business needs.

I work closely with technology experts to ensure the most relevant (and latest) knowledge is used to help select suitable tools.

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